DreamStripper Cabaret is the ultimate 3D stripper program

This virtual world, as it has with many others, has certainly moved on leaps and bounds. No longer confined by processing power to be a tiny tom-thumb dancer, the DreamStrippers are not only as tall as you like, but 3D, have getting-close to realistic skin and their movements are motioned captured - so realistic.

In DreamStripper Cabaret there are so many features! These have been

included increase your personalized enjoyment just a few are listed below, visit the DreamStripper site here for full details. Now all the dancers are even more detailed than ever, especially where it counts! Other new features let you access your own MP3 play list including ITunes and a dressing room that gives you an up close and very personal way to select your dancerís outfit. There have never been more choices to ensure your dancer is your perfect virtual stripper.








DreamStripper Cabaret has even better realism and graphics, higher
resolutions, more detail, more choices, and compatibility with more computers

  • Very realistic sexy hot Dancer.
  • Motion Captured Dances.
  • 3D Adult Game Mode.
  • You choose The outfits she takes off and puts on.
  • Pick your Favorite Dances.
  • Full 3D Camera Control.
  • Sexy AI Facial Movements, she smiles and winks.
  • Load and Play your MP3 Music Files while she dances.
  • Shuffle and Mix up your music files for play.
  • From 800x600 to 1600x1200 Resolution.
  • Exclusive Sponsored Pinup Art.